What shows up on a background check?

What Shows Up on a Background Check?

A background check is conducted in many circumstances such as gaining employment, certain volunteer activities, obtaining housing, and various other situations. Knowing what is reported on your background check is important in order to prepare and present any information accurately when questioned about your background check.

When a background check is conducted, any previous arrests of the individual will show up as well as any convictions of felonies or misdemeanors. Additionally, any court records concerning the individual will also be present on a background check, such as court decrees or judgments against the person. Furthermore, a background check may reveal past credit history and past employment history depending on the type of background check that is conducted. The individual’s education and motor vehicle records (driving records) may also be present on a background check as well. On the contrary, sealed records will not be present on a background check.

The information that shows up on a background check is often dependent on what the entity or individual conducting the background check is looking for. A background check may be limited in scope or may be broad depending on the interests of the person conducting the background check.

It is important to know and be prepared for all information present on your background check. If you have questions concerning what is reported on your background check or wish to see if a charge can be removed, contact the attorneys at Mulligan Attorneys, today.