post separation versus alimony

Post Separation Support vs. Alimony

Post separation support and alimony are similar legal terms, but have important differences. These terms are important to anyone facing a separation with a potential claim for post separation support, alimony, or for a spouse preparing to defend a claim for post separation support or alimony.

Post separation support is often shortened and referred to as “PSS” in the legal community. Post separation support is defined as a temporary court ordered payment from a supporting spouse to a dependent spouse pending a full hearing for a more permanent order known as alimony. Alimony is a term used to describe an order for payment to the dependent spouse from the supporting spouse following a full hearing. Alimony is a more permanent order; a fixed amount and duration of support due to a spouse by the other supporting spouse after separation and ultimately, divorce. Both post separation support and alimony refer to the payment between separated and eventually divorced parties based on a consideration of many factors, including the individuals’ income and length of the marriage. However, the determination for alimony is within the discretion of the trial judge in the State of North Carolina and many factors can be considered when determining if an alimony or post separation support order will be entered.

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